Flexo division

Vecom is part of a Group that produces machines for engraving rotogravure and flexo printing cylinders. The Flexo Division arose out of this experience in 2011, aimed at the marketing of laminated and monolayer, printed and unprinted packaging film.
The company is able to process all types of films: PE, EVOH-PE, PPL CAST, PPL COEX, PPL BOT, Nylon, Aluminium and various types of metallised materials, relying on expert personnel with many years of experience in printing and lamination.
Vecom is also able to provide analysis and migration tests on all products, in collaboration with Laboratorio Dedalo S.r.l. in Arzignano (Vicenza).

The Flexo Division is currently composed of two sites:
Administrative headquarters located in Padua, in Viale dell'Industria 62;
The field office located in Grisignano di Zocco (VI), in Via Tretti Marotti 14.


Vecom is able to print on printing systems with screen rulings up to 55 lines and up to 8 colours, with the possibility of the creation of custom printing systems on request through our specialist suppliers.

Printing machinery:
Schiavi 8-colour gearless printing machine
Print repeat from 350mm to 750mm on widths up to 1200mm

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The company is able to provide laminated materials, printed or unprinted, including metallised, with widths up to 1300mm.

Machines used for laminating:
Nordmeccanica Super Simplex 1300 laminator


Vecom provides cut reels of printed or neutral material in widths from 50mm to 1800mm.

Machines used for cutting:
Bimec 1300 cutter
Cason 1300 cutter with shafts on ball bearings

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